Nats/ February 14, 2020/ kaua'i bulletin - english blog, on the other side

There are some things I really never expected to happen. Becoming a Grandma for example. With not having own kids I of course was far away from getting descendants. The closest thing to having children was raising our kittens, haha, and they got neutered on time to not get pregnant. 😉

But after my husband has two daughters, a new option developed with them getting older. And now it happend: My older stepdaughter became a Mommy and my husband is all sudden a Grandfather! Awesome! What makes me a Grandmother. What?!

I must admit, I am generally not so into children. Or into cats. And dogs, hmm, no, I am even less into dogs. So after it worked pretty good with kittycats becoming my family, and I also have a couple of godchildren – so I will now try to be a good (Step)Granny. Challenge accepted! And I am thankful for the opportunity and this little cute wonder. 🙂