Nats/ February 22, 2020/ kaua'i bulletin - english blog, on the other side

It is a real hassle. I would almost say, it is a road of no return – because if you once made it along the four mile dirt road out to Polihale Beach Park you simply wish, you would never have to drive back that torturing path again. Potholes, mud, bumps – a nightmare for car shocks and human heads.

But once you marvel at that endless beach in the very West of Kaua’i, it is simply breathtaking beautiful. Instantly that bumpy hassle is forgotten and you remain almost humble. What an amazing part of the earth. And normally it is super quiet and not crowded at all – the road keeps people away.

We made it out this weekend, finally, after weeks of avoiding the terrible ride. What a bummer, when you live so close to one of the most stunning beaches in the world and you are simply to annoyed of the road.

And than we reached the end of that dirt road – all shaky and ready for breakfast and surf. But we also ended up in the middle of a Frisbee tournament!! What? How they got here? Helicopters? Drones? Boats? Over a hundred crazy sportsmen made it by car to Polihale, were playing a very unusual event and had created a huge campground.

We watched them run and jump and catch that disc, saw them getting sandy, getting drunk and than getting nacked – not just in the water, no, as well in the game. Did I mentioned, it appeared unreal and really crazy? They asked us to play with them – we rejected, but we stayed, got drinks from them and later even food, we enjoyed the sunset and joined the big campfire.

Than it got dark. rave music filled the nightly sky, so did millions of stars. We camped here at Polihale before, but this time we were really unprepared. Nevertheless we wanted to give it a try – we took the big surfboard bag and four wet-suit-tops to make a insulating mattress on the sand dune. Than we used our three towels and the car seat cover to cover us up. Because we are two skinny individuals it worked pretty good in a spoony position – for a while.

Than it got colder and bugs came. And by the way: the music just raved on and on… I started to count stars, than both of our shoulders started to hurt, laying on the back was impossible, the “bed”-surface was just two feet wide, turning to the other side made us break up our cover system, aaah, we had to start the cover up over, but we couldn’t find sleep. So we talked and simply watched stars instead of counting them and drove half rested home in the early morning…

…under the milky way tonight