a butterfly effect

nats/ June 28, 2020/ eastside stories, kaua'i bulletin

Beachtime! This time we planned to not just hang out and play UNO but to enjoy a picknick. I love eating outside in nature, sitting with my husband on a blanket and savoring all kinds of snacks and yummy goodies – it simply fulfills me every time ­čÖé So we arranged everything in the sand and as soon as we

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Before the boat launch…

nats/ June 13, 2020/ eastside stories, kaua'i bulletin

…we should make our little croatian barque pretty again! After a busy last summer followed by a long strong windy winter our boat now to looked… shitty. There are scratches, there are dents, the paint vanishes, hmm, it is still cute, but for sure no beauty of the sea. So while we were in quarantine we had time for special

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welcome to the jungle

nats/ May 23, 2020/ eastside stories, kaua'i bulletin

Oh baby, baby it’s a wild world… It was dark, as we finally came to our property on the sleepy island Vis. And I know from former, from the old times, that a machete would be appropriate to get through the steps to the main entrance. After month of not being there? A jungle! And yes! Vines everywhere! But we

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Surfin’ Safari Scheveningen

nats/ May 7, 2020/ kaua'i bulletin, westside stories

And one day the desperation is so huge, that you need a thick wet-suit! ­čÖé We tried it one more time. After watching the little waves at the Rhine river, we truly needed some bigger ones. And than there was a swell approaching the Northsea shore – hey, ho, let’s go! After knowing how to do it right, we made

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