nats/ September 16, 2019/ kaua'i bulletin, westside stories

That was close! We almost had our first wedding anniversary but still one present to redeem: Speyer. It is one of the oldest German cities and founded by the Romans. My husband Ryan likes the Roman culture, after he didn’t grew up in Europe like me with lot’s of historical buildings and masonry – often over 1000, sometimes almost 2000 years old. At that time in the United States nothing like that was build up – except Indian mud huts, tipis or dwellings carved in rocks.

To me the city of Speyer is just familiar because of the very famous local cathedral – the Speyer Dom – but my lure was a Marilyn Monroe exhibition. So we had a nice venue lined up: Visiting the historical Museum of Speyer, exploring the quaint City and enjoying a romantic dinner in our hotel, what was part of the present.

And we ate excellently, it was such an delicious Italian set menu that we were very euphoric and amazed – and didn’t wanted to stop eating. We ate way to much – but it was worth it having the weird feeling as if we explode every second. We couldn’t even finish the wine accompaniment and smuggled the leftovers in an empty water bottle upstairs to the hotelroom. 😉

Beside the fine dining we explored the city by feet, found magnificent buildings, churches and parks, were pretty impressed by the huge cathedral and even found the Jewish Courtyard – an other museum wich explained us, that Speyer was the hometown of one of the most important Jewish communities in Middle Ages in northern Europe.

So not only the planned visit in the historic museum taught us many interesting matters but nearly every corner of the city did so – we left pretty “inspeyered”…