Nats/ June 20, 2021/ an eastside story, kaua'i bulletin - english blog

After weeks of being grumpy, dealing with paperwork, refurbishments and constructions – all sudden we were done with most of the chores. Freedom! 🙂 And than we noticed how blessed we are: we have a boat and a sea and can simply enjoy both in peace – just set the sails 😉 Ahoy!

It was the day of the summer solace and we started quiet late, the water was calm and we cruised the outer islands of our beautiful archipelago. My husband had big plans, he was trolling with his enhanced fishing pole and desired a barracuda or even a tuna. Sometimes dreams can come true…

…after a bit the fisherman changed his plan – no troll, emm, fish bit the funny fish shaped lure. 😉 We switched off the engine and let our bark drift wherever the slight waves wanted us to. The next step was lancing bait on the hook and swing it over board. And than waiting. Waiting… I meanwhile was contemplating, enjoying the soft warm wind, listened to the seagulls and wondering how high the sun still was. Sure, it was summer solace – the longest day!

Two rainbow fishys bit the bait, but got released again – too small, too pretty, so bye bye, take care, what you eat next! 😉 Than a bigger fish chose the wrong dinner snack and ended up flapping in our boat. He will be enough for our dinner for two. Combined with the swiss chard from our garden it will actually be the perfect Mediterranean meal for us newly self supporter.