Nats/ May 25, 2021/ an eastside story, kaua'i bulletin - english blog

I came back from Germany and slit straight into my birthday. 🙂 Oh wait, no, I did not make it till midnight, I simply fell asleep at 11pm – after the long day of traveling and Split sightseeing… But the early bird catches the worm, even on birthdays! I was so excited to see what I missed the last two and a half weeks on Vis. And what I saw in the morning was beautiful: everything was blossoming and bore fruit. The sun was shining. And yes, my husband promised me a rose garden!

Who needs an extra bouquet when the prettiest flowers are in your own garden!? And the wild vines around our house were going off, a dense green wall gave the whole property within a couple of weeks the perfect privacy all around. My Croatian home obviously became even more pretty! 🙂 And as we did a solemn walk after breakfast to our farm, mother nature surprised me there with growing grapes from my grandfathers withered grape vine. Fruits from the past!! 😉 And even the olives were still happy, all trees were loaded with flowers! 🙂

Ok, I had happy moments in Germany, but being back in Milna felt good. I had time for interactions with birthday congratulants, I relaxed during the afternoon and than we enjoyed a perfect dinner in the evening, as we visited one of our more romantic restaurants on the island, a palm tree garden with exquisite local “haute cuisine”, croatian style 🙂

You can see the flowers withering and the leaves falling, but you can also see fruits ripening and new buds germinate.
Life belongs to the living, and those who live must be prepared for change. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)