nats/ June 28, 2020/ eastside stories, kaua'i bulletin

Beachtime! This time we planned to not just hang out and play UNO but to enjoy a picknick. I love eating outside in nature, sitting with my husband on a blanket and savoring all kinds of snacks and yummy goodies – it simply fulfills me every time ­čÖé

So we arranged everything in the sand and as soon as we started to eat, some butterfly’s began to circle above our heads. The island of Vis is famous for it’s pure and healthy nature, butterfly’s and bees and bumblebees – all kinds of insects are the living proof of a well functioning eco-system.

One of our new cruising friends landed on Ryan’s belly, as he either needed to rest or wanted to get closer to food. But my picknick-partner and obviously butterfly’s whisperer guessed, that our winged friend was simply thirsty. He cut a cherry tomato in half and served it barkeeper-like to the insect guest. It looked like the butterfly enjoyed our vodka-free Bloody Mary, he dipped his snout into the tomato like a giant straw and started to drink.

We meanwhile went on eating. As we all had finished our solid and liquid picknick we humans layed down to relax and digest – and the obviously stuffed butterfly kept us farther company. What a beautiful day on the beach for all three of us… ­čśë