nats/ June 13, 2020/ eastside stories, kaua'i bulletin

…we should make our little croatian barque pretty again! After a busy last summer followed by a long strong windy winter our boat now to looked… shitty. There are scratches, there are dents, the paint vanishes, hmm, it is still cute, but for sure no beauty of the sea.

So while we were in quarantine we had time for special refurbishments! Some weak spots had to be stabilized with fiber glas and resin. And after that, new paint should finish the restored interior.

Than our engine made problems, we had no chance of making it work by ourselves, the carburetor was sticky, we needed professional help. What means that we now have to wait for our mechanic to repair it. Booooring… By accident we found a white paint in our storage and renewed the upper outer part of the boat. By accident the blue paint showed up – and we painted the lower outer part.

All winterly stored boat-accessories are meanwhile next to the boat, the tanks are filled with gas and ready to go – just the engine is delayed. We are waiting, because when you order parts on an island it takes often a few days longer…

…but we are close, the boat launch is for sure just a wave length away, I can feel it! ­čÖé

The Vis Archipelago is waiting for us and soon wie can start cruising again!