nats/ May 23, 2020/ eastside stories, kaua'i bulletin

Oh baby, baby it’s a wild world… It was dark, as we finally came to our property on the sleepy island Vis. And I know from former, from the old times, that a machete would be appropriate to get through the steps to the main entrance. After month of not being there? A jungle!

And yes! Vines everywhere! But we could duck and make it to the house with just carrying a few bags. We just wanted to rest… On the next morning we could see clear. The vines from the wild grape took over the upper part, below the Bouganvilla spread out it’s prickly branches.

My husbands second act – the first was cooking coffee – was getting the garden shears and start cutting the stairways free. How beautiful green everything was. And the roses! Pretty as can be! Ok, the beds for growing vegetables were overtaken by weeds, but my sweet gardener was unflinching and managed to organize everything wild growing within two days.

My job in days like these is to collect the green waste and carry it to a “natural compost” area up hill from our house. It is quite an exercise – but after I love to tidy up, it serves it purpose: becoming pretty ­čÖé

And a few days later, the beds where accurately seeded out and we even found precious plants like the rosemary behind the house under piles of weed – they survived like our rose-garden! Promised!