nats/ March 18, 2020/ kaua'i bulletin, on the other side

As we sat in the plane from Lihue to San Francisco, we were very curious what adventure is waiting for us. We got hold of quite cheap tickets to Europe and just hoped, that they will let us fly out. Even we booked via Finnair it was an American Airline flight. Everything was so easy peasy in SFO, the airport was uncrowded, we checked in, even checked through to London and noone asked us anything about travel bans and passports or anything regarding upcoming not yet booked departures later that year.

We flew to New York. The airport was empty. There was space, fresh air, no crowds, no lines, never experienced this airport so quite. Spooky. We enjoyed a coffee and cozy seats and got easily on board of our intercontinental flight. The last step to get to Europe, till boarding we still were not sure, if we will make it, if they let us take it.

Arrived in London in the early morning we finally started to check the flights to Düsseldorf. Are there flights, can we fly, are there any restrictions? We booked a flight for the next day and also a hotel for the same day, we were lusting for a classic hotelroom-relaxation and on top the flight was cheaper on Monday morning than Sunday afternoon.

We enjoyed the hotel, mad a early-check in, ate all our yummys we brought from abroad, took a hot shower and rested. Welcome to Europe, cold as it is, but we made it. In the evening we had a drink at the bar, a pizza in the room and Mr. Sandman was prepared to put us to sleep. 🙂

Heathrow was empty, so was Düsseldorf airport. We came easily through immigration, no one asked my american husband anything. Maybe they just wondered, why he is travelling to a Corona-hot-spot… Next day the boarders were closed – no alien was allowed to enter the EU anymore. And we realized, that that was a very special last minute flight…