Nats/ January 28, 2020/ kaua'i bulletin, on the other side

We did it again! In our fifth year of home-improvement we now finished the outside walls of our garage. Yeah!! Sometimes I wonder, that our housy can become even more pretty from year to year. 🙂

And building out our “nest” proves every time, that me an my husband can work together and create something beautiful. 😉 Sometimes we get offers for help, but no one knows what we know: how to work together and how it works out perfectly. Tool-Time at it’s best.

And so we started recently with making the framework for the last wall to be improved. Which is why we again had to cut, to level and to screw dozens of two-by-four beams. And when I say cut, than I mean: sawing. The circular is in these days again our best friend.

I was having a few ruff ocean-sand-experiences the last month’, what led me to not go swim that often anymore. But now I made some new experiences: It doesn’t matter if I am at the beach or at the workshop at home – there are always weird things getting in my hair and on my scalp. If not sand, than sawdust it is.

And it’s not just on my head, it is in my ears, my nose, my eyes and all over my skin, a woody powdery layer coats my body. And so I try again and again for days to wash out the itchy “side effects” of our home improvements, until then they remain sawdust memories …

Yeah, more of Papa-Smurf-Housy-Style