nats/ November 22, 2019/ kaua'i bulletin, on the other side

You know, that you settled down on Kaua’i, when you get your Cosco-Wholesale-Membership-Card – it opens you the world to a large amount of affordable food of high quality. Finally! Our way to a land of milk and honey! And to the place, where all package units are extra large. That is quite scary…

What we were cherishing already for years was the outside food stall with membership-free-offers of cheap lunch! Pizza Slices, Hot Dogs, Acai Bowls, Caesars Salad for reasonable prices – so when we approached the area around that wholesale store, our mouths started watering ever since I remember. And: You have to stand in funny lines, where I as a German feel almost like home… 😉

Of cause nowadays we more than ever wisely eat lunch before we enter the gigantic store – no one should ever go shop hungry at all. The “bad” thing about that XXL-market is, that the packages are extra huge – but on the other side you stock up for weeks! And even you pay more in the first, you save a lot over the time.

But it indeed gets weird, when for example toilet paper piles up in your home, or coffee, or almond milk or even sour cream – a loooot of over-sizing recently happend in our kitchen!! 🙂 Good thing again: we don’t run out of anything. 😉 The only thing we have to take care about is: to not get supersized ourselves because of aaaall the nutrition options in our fridge.

So we started to freeze a lot of food – who needs 16 pieces of butter at once?! Or four connected packages of bacon? Or two sourdough-bread-loaf-monstrosities?! And the big bundle of asparagus – we had the green exclusive vegetable for days! Did I mentioned the humongous bag of crispy onions?! A never ending supply of roasted yummyness, so we now ad crispy onions to all kinds of meals and suddenly you see how versatile some food is! Yesterday I even breaded asparagus with it… 😉

And after I breaded the asparagus yesterday, today we finished the it-lasted-ten-days-bundle with some of the never ending bacon and onion supply. And no, it is not getting boring, it improves fantasy and creativity to let it always taste different 🙂