nats/ November 9, 2019/ kaua'i bulletin

Today I felt young again, like sweet little sixteen – or even younger. I was reminded of the time as I was singing and dancing in front of the mirror in my teen room, the time as I was imagining I was Madonna or Whitney Houston: I wanna dance with somebody – into the groove…

Yesterday I for the first time pushed the couch away in our living room, I wanted to have the perfect view on our mirror there. And the mirror should have full sight on me. And I danced – but not to be childish, but to make a special workout. And suddenly – I was happy! I listend to very groovy, inspiring music, wich made me jump and shake and smile and sometimes move like Jagger.

It was planned otherwise. I was looking for a workout, which gets the most out of me. And so I dug out my sticky skipping rope from the garage two days ago. I cleaned it. I watched youTube-instructions. And than I started to turn and skip it. Uuugh, it is so difficult to keep the rhythm – and to keep breathing… I turned on some dance music, what really worked out a bit better.

And than I threw the rope aside – who needs a rope, when you can jump in a million different ways to music!! I started to dance. I smiled. I made additional leg exercise and threw my hands up in the air. I started to sweat and to get exhausted – but it was still fun! One more song, and one more, just one more…yeah!

After it made me so happy two days in a row, I can’t wait turning on my music tomorrow. I wonder, if the neighbors can’t wait as well 😉 The couch is still in an crooked position, why I feel like a teenage-rebel again, haha. Anyhow: I really did not know how much I obviously missed it and how much I actually love dancing – even though I know, that music does magic to body and soul… 🙂