nats/ August 24, 2019/ eastside stories, kaua'i bulletin

We are so excited about our newest project! When you have a house on a paradisiac island and you also have organic food, healthy air und passion for Yoga, meditation and sea-experiences – than you should combine all! 🙂

We are two ladies and two men who want to share their passions with others. As we are practicing hosting in accommodation, cooking, boat-tours and land-trips as well as yoga-lessons and meditation – we felt an excitement for a one-week-yoga-retreat, were you will have daily yoga courses, yummy healthy food, trips on and around the island, yoga on the water, swimming and some meditativ options.

The weekly price is 1000€ and includes various Yoga-lessons and -kinds as well as island tours. Also accommodation in a double room and two meals a days. For a single room there will be an additional charge. The dates are usually in the second half of May and first half of September.


For more information mailto: