nats/ July 30, 2019/ eastside stories

Different to other tours we are offering an more intimate cruise on the traditional croatian way. As anyone else is racing around we are cruising more mindful on our amazing adriatic sea and enjoy the nature. We start in the morning between 9/10am from Milna Bay towards the Green Cave on Ravnik Island, where we can enter a stunning double door sea cavern with a cute sunny window in the top. Don’t forget snorkle gear (but we as well have some) to see the algeas and sponges. Also you can swim through a big sunbeam, wich enlightens the cave like a supertrooper from above. You will also never forget the view through your mask from inside the cave towards the deep blue sea ouside!

Beside the Green Cave, we have options to stop at a snorkeling mountaintop-reef or go to a pristine inlet with a desolate sand beach. So we meander the outer islands of the south east part of the Vis Archipelago, through the Budihovac lagoon and towards other exclusive snorkle locations and pristine bays. We can design the trip individually depending on how often you want to stop for snorkling as we know a few places on the outer islands. A picknick can be enjoyed either on a desolate beach or on the boat at the reef – so pack some lunch an enjoy! If deeply desired we can go to visit Stiniva Bay. We will be back in Milna between 1/2pm. This tour is suited for 2 to 4 passengers. It is a private tour.

Price for the four hour trip is 65€/ p.p., including snorkel-gear and entrance fee (9,50€) into the Green cave.